Nobody Wants to Live With Pests

Leave the pest control services to Springfield, MO's premier exterminators
"We Don't Simply Control Your Pest Problem We Eliminate It"

Pests belong outside, not in your home or business. If you're struggling to get a pest problem under control, team up with Pro-Pest Solutions, Inc. We have the right tools and years of experience needed to get rid of your unwanted guests once and for all.

Licensed in Missouri and Kansas, we serve Springfield, MO and a radius of 75 miles around the city. When you need pest control services anywhere in the region, call us.

Ant & Termite

Wipe out the smallest bugs.

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We can get rid of nearly any type of insect or animal.

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Wildlife Control

Don't let rodents or other wildlife reside in your home.

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Commercial Pest Removal

Turn to us when your business has a pest problem.

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Our team can remove any pest

There are tons of different pests that can get into your home or business. Turn to us when you need pest control services, such as:

Trust a pest exterminator with nearly 15 years of experience in residential and commercial pest removal. Call us now to learn more about our pest control treatment options.

Interior and exterior pest control

Every good pest exterminator knows that bugs and rodents need to be stopped both inside and outside. Pro-Pest Solutions is dedicated to getting rid of your pests once they've gotten inside and spraying around your property to keep others away.

Worried about viral contamination? We now provide coronavirus cleaning services to keep your property clean and sanitary, as well.

Ensure a healthy and clean space for you and your loved ones. Email us today to schedule cleaning or pest control services.