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Mosquitoes Suck

Get rid of them with pest control in Springfield, MO

The warmer months bring a lot of beauty with them, but they also bring a lot of bugs. Mosquitoes run rampant in Springfield, MO, so it's important to keep up with routine pest control to reduce their nuisance. Pro-Pest Solutions, Inc. offers thorough mosquito control for homeowners in the area. We'll complete an initial pest control treatment to reduce the population and return every three or four weeks until the process is complete.

Rely on us to get rid of mosquitoes quickly. Schedule an appointment today by calling 636-375-4154.

Mosquitoes are more than a nuisance. If left untreated, high mosquito populations can breed diseases that could affect your family and loved ones.

Mosquitoes are known for carrying a wide range of diseases, including...

  • Malaria
  • West Nile virus
  • Yellow fever

With fast-acting pest control, you can drastically reduce the mosquito population on your property. Call today to schedule first-time service for just $49. Our treatments aren't harmful to people or pets.